Integration: Connecting Magento with Fozzels

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To integrate Fozzels with your Magento store, you'll need to first activate your store's API. We've prepared a detailed, step-by-step guide along with a helpful click-through screencast to assist you through this process. 



1. Log in to the Magento admin of the project that has to be integrated and go to System - Integrations.

2. Click on the “Add New Integration” button.

3. After pressing “Add New Integration” button you will see a “Basic settings” that consists of an “Integration info” and “API” tab. For a new integration creation it is required to set up some basic configuration on both tabs.

4. Integration Info. The are some required fields to fill, and some optional fields. 

4.a. Required fields are:

  • Name - you should set a name of the integration here. Enter: Fozzels.
  • E-mail: please enter
  • Your Password - you should enter your Magento admin password here.

4.b. Field that are not required (optional), and you can skip:

  • Callback URL - Enter URL where Oauth credentials can be sent when using Oauth for token exchange.
  • Identity link URL - URL to redirect user to link their 3rd party account with this Magento integration credentials.

4.c. After this is is done, proceed with the tab "API".


5. API settings. By a default all APIs are selected. This is not optimal, from a security point of view.
Please select "Custom" in the drop-down menu, and tick only these checkboxes:


  • Categories   
  • Inventory
  • Products
  • Update Attributes
  • Edit Product Design


  • Settings
  • All Stores


  • Product
  • Attribute Set



6. After all configurations were done please press “Save” button on a top right corner.

7. On the “Integrations” page you will see the integration was created. Next step is to activate the integration. Click the ”Activate” link:

8. You will see the activation detail page. Please check if all the correct API's (from step 5) have been selected, and click on "Allow".

10. After you have clicked the “Allow” button, you will be redirected to the “Integration tokens for extensions”  page where all the data will be automatically filled in. We suggest to copy and store all the information from these fields.  You will need to fill in these codes in the Fozzels system later.

Click on “Done”:

11. One you have completed all steps described before you can check or edit integration details by pressing “Edit” button.

12. Please check if the integration details (four values: Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret) are present. If you had not copied those values before, please do that now.

13.  To be able track on magento during fozzels connects to integration and synchronize attribute list we create new attribute on magento with name fozzels_completion_date.Because on magento it’s possible to have multiple attribute sets, it is probably not the best idea to connect to all those attribute sets. So, it should be done manual in magento admin.

14. After attribute is assigned into product attribute set fozzels it will be possible to write data into this attribute and it will be displayed in product grid.
15. After creating integration and synchronizing the stores with Fozzels go to Stores > Attributes > Attribute Set > Default. Under “Unassigned attributes” find fozzels_completion_date and drag and drop it in the left column “Groups” under the “Product Details category” and click Save.

Note: Attribute fozzels_completion_date will be created on magento only when integration is connected first time. If integration is changed (for example database of magento is migrated from live to stage) then attribute fozzels_completion_date will be missing on Magento.

You've completed the integration setup in Magento. Now, you're ready to connect Fozzels.

For any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team at support@fozzels.comWe're here to assist you and ensure your experience with Fozzels is exceptional!  


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